Our Story

Market Realty was formed by a group of professionals with a passion for service, integrity and real estate. With backgrounds in real estate law, negotiations, and marketing, Market Realty was formed to offer a true full service brokerage that is unmatched.

After years of working with buyers and sellers, paired with the fast paced competition of the greater Seattle area, we saw there was something missing for our clients. A sense of security during contract negotiations, understanding of complex contingency scenarios/transactions, and most importantly the confidence in their Real Estate Agents brought the idea of Market Realty into fruition. We learned clients didn’t want to just sign on the dotted line and hope for the best, but to understand the whys and why-nots, to be fully prepared and educated prior to and after their transaction.  We learned buyers and sellers wanted to be assured their real estate agent wasn’t just a great sales person, but could negotiate and confidently advise on legal forms and options during their transaction. Sometimes a home sale doesn’t just end at closing; legal ramifications can follow and we are here to help avoid + advise and pair it with our savvy marketing and sales expertise.

Formed as a team concept, you can be assured that when your Market Realty agent is unavailable, the team behind your agent is already knowledgeable on your transaction/scenario and can jump in at anytime with confidence!

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